A real well-being break for your seaside holiday in Morbihan

Camping with Spa in Morbihan

Chalet bien-être au camping kerzerho

A private space dedicated to the well-being and relaxation of campers

Solo, as a couple, with family or friends, close your eyes and let yourself be overwhelmed by the pleasure of the whirlpool and hydromassage, but also the hot vapors of the sauna ...

A relaxing setting, an intimate atmosphere, modern facilities ... everything is designed so that holidaymakers can enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation.

The Spa: relax and revitalize

Enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy and bubble baths. After your session, you will feel relaxed, soothed, toned!

Let the SPA’s soft light transport you, ideal after a busy day of sightseeing in South Brittany!

A sauna at the campsite

Camping holidays under the sign of well-being and sweetness! Ideal for relieving stress, eliminating fatigue, stimulating blood circulation, cleaning the skin and relaxing muscles.

The Hammam: The oriental benefits

Very wet steam bath for soft skin and elimination of toxins. Ideal for people with fluid retention and blood circulation problems. You will come out zen and purified…

The massage chair

Treat yourself to a complete massage session from head to toe thanks to the massage chair which reproduces the techniques of professional manual masseurs. The ultimate to relieve fatigue, stress and muscle tension!

Le sauna du camping kerzerho erdeven

Would you like more information or to know the prices? Contact the reception service or go to the reception desk. Access to the Zen chalet and the massage chair are reserved for people over 16 years old.


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