Plage Port Bara à Saint Pierre Quiberon

Staying on the Kerzerho campsite in Erdeven is also discovering Quiberon

Campsite in the Quiberon peninsula

Côte sauvage de Quiberon

Ballad in Quiberon

Quiberon is first and foremost a magnificent wild coast. Just walking there is a wonderful change of scenery.
On this wild coast, as elsewhere on the peninsula, extraordinary walks await you.
There are 40 kilometers of hiking!

What to do in Quiberon ?

It is a very pleasant seaside town, where you can go eat an ice cream or suck a "niniche" facing the sea.

We also come to Quiberon for its Thalasso and its casino, not to mention the boardings for Belle-Ile, Houat, Hoedic and Ile-aux-Moines!

Sport de glisse sur la Presqu'ile de Quiberon

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